Private Property Protection Services In Ontario, Canada

NIMZ Security Services develops smart and affordable private property protection services in Ontario, easily accessible at your fingertips.

Our private property security solutions stand out due to our expertise, dependability, and user-friendliness. With our assistance, you can effortlessly align your residential and commercial property with your daily routine. We assist you in designing tailored scenarios, ensuring your home and organization adjust naturally and seamlessly to your everyday activities.

While reliable shoplifting prevention services are just for commercial property, you can opt for our private property protection services for residential and commercial properties. 

Residential Property

We specialize in crafting tailored residential security guard solutions for diverse residences, from single-family homes to high-rise apartments, private estates, and gated communities.

Our objective is to address and safeguard each property against security challenges. Our Private Property Protection Services In Ontario is a vigilant observer for any community.

A reputable residential security guard firm often acts as a neighborhood’s primary shield. That’s why our experts undergo rigorous training, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch service that complements the community’s image and enhances overall safety and security.

Our recruitment focuses on security experts who deeply understand our clients’ residential security requirements.

Commercial Property

Security guards are often the first point of contact when people visit your commercial property, so we ensure they act as your best possible representatives. 

We operate a patrol system with a team of uniformed security guards and branded security vehicles ready for emergency response, supervision, and backup.

Corporate Office Security

The traffic dynamics within a building and the external road checks present corporate office buildings with unique challenges. With our Private Property Protection Services In Ontario, you gain access to exceptional and thoroughly professional security solutions. We offer top-tier services tailored for our client’s offices and complexes. Numerous esteemed companies entrust their office security to our commercial security team. 

Hotel Security 

Whenever clients require security for executive hotels or restaurants, we offer a comprehensive range of private property protection services in Ontario. Executive hotels encounter a myriad of challenges. To address these distinct issues, clients turn to us for complete solutions. From securing the main entrance to implementing subtle but effective video surveillance, we ensure our clients’ total safety and peace of mind.

Our Value

From residential property to commercial property, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that serves as the gold standard. This is where our company stands out. We offer highly skilled security guards armed with cutting-edge tools and technology.

Moreover, we align our security technology to fit your preferences, budget, and the level of protection you seek.

If you are ready to safeguard yourself and your assets, feel free to contact us at +1 437-259-9632   512-3100, Steeles Avenue West, Concord, ON, L4K 3R1.


Q1. How can your services enhance the security of my private property in Ontario?

We offer comprehensive security solutions, including surveillance, access control, and on-site personnel, to safeguard your private property.

Q2. Do you provide services for residential as well as commercial properties in Ontario?

Yes, we offer private property protection services for both residential and commercial clients, tailored to their unique needs.

Q3. What measures do you take to deter unauthorized access and trespassing on private property?

Our strategies include perimeter security, alarm systems, and proactive monitoring to prevent unauthorized access effectively.

Q4. Can you provide a customized security plan for my specific private property in Ontario?

Certainly, we work closely with you to develop a personalized security plan that meets your property’s unique requirements and concerns.

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